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Muito bom para formar grupos de amigos!!!! Gostei!!!


Utilizo o Aplicativo como uma ferramenta de Chat para com a equipe comercial da minha empresa. E neste caso o aplicativo é perfeito, pois tem suporte a multi plataforma e as mensagens são instantâneas. Realmente muito bom.

Muito ruim!

App não sincroniza com os seus contatos que já tem o app também. Na busca ele sempre trava. Péssimo!

Muito bom

Excelente ! Principalmente por poder marcar o amigo na conversa e dar gostei em qualquer assunto! Só poderia ter opção de tradução como no facebook ! Mesmo assim é o melhor do genero


Com a ultima atualização o app só recebe mensagem, não envia

Sehr bequemmes App

Das App ist super!

Bomb dot com

New update created new frustrations

While for the most part the app works good, the new update has become somewhat annoying. Overall the appearance is clean and runs smooth but I have 2 gripes. 1. Why do timestamps happen so frequently now (or at all honestly) between comments. I’ve seen a string of 3 comments in a group all get time stamped yet were posted within 5 minutes of each other. I don’t care that much about when someone posted a comment especially when I can click on it and get the exact time it was posted. 2. When posting links (especially Instagram) why is the spacing so messed up, the name and avatar hover over the top of the link posted. It was perfect before but now there’s an annoying overlay. 3. Why must I put my first and last name into the profile in setting? Especially since I can just change my name in any group anyways. 4. At times since the update there will be a weird spacing issue from a new comment on the bottom and between the box to type. Not always but still very annoying when it does happen. Willing to change star rating if things are explained or corrected.

Crashing constantly

Someone spelled my name wrong when adding me to the group and I can’t change it because the app crashes every time I try to go to settings

Love it!

I love the ability to be in contact with teacher at anytime!

Hideous new UI

The old UI was significantly better

Enable Face ID

Enable Face ID or app lock

Direct messages

I don’t know if this is just an iPhone X bug, but starting a direct message from the home GroupMe screen brings up the chat but doesn’t include a text box so you can’t write any message.

Need a “Maybe” calendar choice

It would be nice to have a “maybe” choice when responding to calendar events. Life changes and sometimes you cannot just say “yes” or “no” until the last minute. At least maybe lets your group know it’s a possibility until you give a definite. Additionally, as the creator of calendar events, I would like it if every little edit or change is not published until I hit a “post” button. Annoying to see your every little move posted for the mass group. Otherwise, all good so far. Thank you for your consideration.

Font size

Latest update for my iPhone X caused the font to be super small. Please fix this or have an option to change it. I use this app for work and has become a hindrance now.

App will not let you sign in on IPAD

Developer glitch, the app will allow me to work just fine on iPhone, but on IPAD it will not connect and when I try to sign in with my email, it continues to tell me to create an account. This is flaw that needs to be fixed.

Love it!

A great way to stay in touch with my grown children.

Long add back

Took forever to add me back

1 star

Chat stays stuck & won’t refresh I will get the notifications but when I enter the chat it’s the same convo from months ago same spot every time. I tried everything refreshing, restarting even deleting the app & re downloading & nothing it didn’t work!

Search option please!

I love the app and use it often. It would be so healthful if there was an option to search for something in a group chat.

Yet another message app

Not giving it access to my phone contacts. It has access to Microsoft contacts, but doesn’t seem to do anything with them. Pretty useless at the moment.

One more thing to annoy me

I really don’t need another social networking site.

Nice app.

My mason lodge uses this app for communicating to its members. I like the app a lot. But, this new update made the font much smaller than the old one. It’s hard for us old timers to see as it is and there is no setting where you can adjust it. Adjusting the phone settings will not change the app font size.

Too small

I hate this version. The text and icons are way smaller. Difficult for smaller phones and older eyes.

Time stamps

The time stamps on the new update are huge. I have a large chat and in between ever of the last 5 messages is a big grey time stamp bar. Not sure that’s necessary, the small time was just fine. Makes it hard to read everything when it’s so big.

Font Size

With the latest update, the font is super small. We should be able to adjust the font sizes to our liking.

Enjoying it! Wish for additional features

Enjoying it! Wish a @channel or @all feature was available to tag multiple people at once

GroupMe Review

Fricken awesome, please send a 8 pack of light blue Gatorade to 17221 Chiswell Rd, Poolesville Md, 20837!! I’m really thirsty dude:)

Time stamps and redesign

This redesign looks childish


How do verify someone who has a different phone number? Awful setup!


The latest update just shrunk everything!!!


Way I see it, if enough folks 1 star review, maybe they’ll get rid of these pop-up ads. Way to finally sell out groupme. Slack it is.

New layout is awful

What's with the huge time stamps and font. It looks awful get rid of it ASAP


This app would be awesome if you could @ mention a channel without that @ mentions are lacking

Not happy

Usually I’m a really big fan, but for the past 2 months I haven’t been able to send or receive anything. I’ve tried resetting and logging out and logging back in. I haven’t been able to get my app to work. Please please help me if you know what the problem is. I have really important people to respond back to.

Worst update ever

New update is terrible Text on bottom is wayyy too close Main homepage interface looks like its frm 1999 Horrible changes, who approves of these things?!

Great app for groups, needs some tweaking

Please add multiple picture support so that you can send a large amount of photos in one message!! Sometimes would be helpful for groups that took lots of pics together and want to send it in one go instead of spamming. Overall though, great app, I love the calendar and polling feature!!! Very easy to use, very easy to get together large groups. Keep it up!! This app is really popular at college and highschools are picking it up too!


The app is not updating to the font settings set by my phone. So the font is TINY on the app and even if I change the font size on my phone, it doesn’t change the app font. HELP!!!

New update ???

I’ve been using GroupMe for over 5 years now. Haven’t had any complains till this new update. Why does the new UI look like something out of an early version of Android ????

Edit and Delete post

I really like using this app I just wish you could edit and delete post. Why is that not possible?

Avid user

Perhaps there’s a way to do this and I just don’t know, but the current print is quite small, and I can’t seem to enlarge it.

5 Stars

Love being connected to my people through GroupMe!!!

can’t add new members

really cool and convenient , however it wouldn’t let me add any new members for the past two weeks or so 😩

Pretty good, but a few critical needed changes

App drops people from conversations if they don’t respond with minutes of group creation. Can you add option to avoid this? Also can you add ability to edit existing contact names? Currently I have to delete them and then re-add them if I miss spell someone’s name.

A lot of chatter

There should be a section for important information such as schedules or lists that you can quickly refer to when needed. Important dates and information gets lot in the conversations.

Great App

Please allow downloaded/custom tones from your phone to be setup as ringers.

Feature Notifications

Add an option to disable announcements of certain kinda. I don't want to know about Zoe and playing trivia. Bad notification

Voice notes

Only thing missing from the app is the use of voice notes. Integrate that and this app is unstoppable!

Why do you keep messages forever?

Update #2: New GroupMe update today removes any hint of being able to clear one-on-one chat history. Can’t even access settings on a one-on-one chat. So I guess it’s nice that they aren’t pretending you can delete the messages, but that’s not really the point. The point is I should be able to delete any messages or conversations from my account. I don’t really care if the other person in the convo saves it on their account forever; I just want a way to delete it and not have it be stored forever in my archive. Is it really just me? Am I really the only one that doesn’t save messages forever? I can’t imagine anyone caring what they texted today in 50 years, but it seems GroupMe will save them for you anyways. Update: So my friend showed me how to “Clear Chat History” on a one-on-one chat, which doesn’t actually clear the chat history by the way. How do I know this? Because the iPad app still shows the most recent message in that “empty” chat in the sidebar where all the chats are listed. So it clears the chat from my phone, but not from your servers or even my account. Why? Also, even if I clear a chat, that person is still sitting there in my chat list, even though the chat is “empty.” Why in the world would I want an empty chat sitting there?! So I have to also “hide” the chat, which puts it in the archive, which means I will never see another message from that person. I don’t know if I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t save all my messages from every single person FOREVER, but there must be something I’m missing if a feature that seems so basic and crucial to me isn’t one of the first things any developer would implement into a messaging app. Original review: I like using GroupMe. It’s good at what it does. It’s sort of annoying that some of my friends and family have chosen to use GroupMe exclusively even though there’s a perfectly good messaging platform on all phones called texting, but I guess whatever floats their boat. I have one major issue that is pushing me towards deleting GroupMe forever. It’s the fact that GroupMe saves all the messages forever. Why do you need to do that, GroupMe? Why do you need to save my private conversations on your services forever? I can’t even delete them from my own account history. I just don’t understand it. With the new privacy and information laws just activated in the EU, you at least have to allow them to be able to delete any data you are storing on them, so why not just give that feature to all your users? I have tons of message threads and groups in my archives simply because I didn’t even start the conversation and I don’t normally talk to those people but they messaged me once upon a time about one thing and now I am forced to have those few words in my history FOREVER. Do you realize that in 50 years I will still have those messages taking up space and distracting me unless you let us actually delete (as opposed to “hide”, which hides things maybe for a day or two until I log in on another device or GroupMe randomly refreshes and brings all hidden messages and archived private conversations back). Another dumb thing about this whole thing is that if I archive a conversation to get it out of my face, if the person ever messages me again, it disappears into the archives and I never get the new message. Argh! So frustrating. And it all revolves around your unexplainable desire to save everything forever. I’m wondering what you are planning to do with those messages in 50 years. Like why do you need to save everything forever? It’s just so confusing to me. I should be able to completely delete a private conversation if I want to. And then if the person wants to message me again, it creates a totally new conversation that I can also delete at my leisure. In addition to letting us have control over our own private messages, it would be nice to have an automatic hiding or archiving feature for conversations or groups that haven’t had a new message in a while. Like if a convo goes a whole month with no updates, just stick it in the archive. If it gets a new message, automatically remove it from the archive and stick it back in the list of conversations and groups. Also, sort of unrelated, but I think admins should have the power to delete messages in a conversation thread. Sometimes people post things in the wrong group, sometimes people post inappropriate or unrelated things and the choice is either delete the whole group and start a new one from scratch or just leave it there and hope no one ever scrolls back up to find it, sometimes you just want to clear old messages out of the convo, or messages from a person who ended up leaving the group or getting banned. And when they delete the message (or picture, or poll, or event, etc., it should delete it for everyone, not just the device that deleted it. Basically it should delete it from the conversation, not just the persons device.


Great app. I use it everyday, but it’s soon to be 2019 GroupMe: think you can add some more time to video uploads, it’s limited to 29/30seconds while the competition offers much longer vids.

UI update isn’t bad

I like the new UI update, which is hard to say nowadays (cough Snapchat).

Multitask assistant

With multiple kids in multiple sports group me is the best way to keep everything organized and on track

Group me review

Camera access is hit or miss depending on who you are. Really easy to whip it out and snap a quick pic for your friends.

Deleting messages

Needs to be a way to delete messages, not just “hide” them. I have to scroll through 50 old messages to find the ones I actually want.


Is it had video chat would be amazing

It’s great

The app is very good but update it so we can see who have seen our messages.. because all Bartow High School sports use this app and some of the kids say we didn’t see the messages. So if y’all update it so that we can see who view the messages it would be great!!

Fun with Family

It was a fun vacation. This app was helpful connecting with family while on a family reunion vacation. We had 34 people to include. Members posted about what was happening now without having to plan ad nauseam every moment. It was a great way to include everyone. “Volleyball in 10” “Playing tennis now (include pic) but we’ll be there after!” “I’m at the pool. Anyone interested in Marco Polo?” “Dinner at 7 at ....” Thanks!

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