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Muito bom para formar grupos de amigos!!!! Gostei!!!


Utilizo o Aplicativo como uma ferramenta de Chat para com a equipe comercial da minha empresa. E neste caso o aplicativo é perfeito, pois tem suporte a multi plataforma e as mensagens são instantâneas. Realmente muito bom.

Muito ruim!

App não sincroniza com os seus contatos que já tem o app também. Na busca ele sempre trava. Péssimo!

Muito bom

Excelente ! Principalmente por poder marcar o amigo na conversa e dar gostei em qualquer assunto! Só poderia ter opção de tradução como no facebook ! Mesmo assim é o melhor do genero


Com a ultima atualização o app só recebe mensagem, não envia

Sehr bequemmes App

Das App ist super!

Bomb dot com


Can’t even open the app. It crashes.

Notifications problem

Pretty good but a problem I'm having- In one of the groups I'm in, basically everyone can't get notifications for it unless they are tagged, even though we aren't muted. It would be great if this problem would be fixed.





no privacy

absolutely awful because it tells people everything you do. i tried to delete my account to start new with my chats (i wanted to leave them all but didn't want to notify everyone) and every time i've made an account it gets my old chats back. i want a new account, so how can i get that? you should not notify a group when you leave it. you should not notify a group when you change ownership. absolutely idiotic.


I’m in the Missouri meme trade and when someone typed a certain letter my entire app crashed.

Great concept and execution with a few bugs

Five stars if some of the bugs get cleaned up

new to Group Me

Is there a way for the group admin to see who ❤️s a comment? And see when each person views posts? And who has voted how on polls? These are options I need for my groups!

Great app!!

Great App!


This app is a life saver. Sometimes when you and your friends have different phones, (Samsung and Apple) texts don’t really go through well. But with groupme, it’s perfect! No, waiting 5 minutes for a text to go through! I love this app!

Quick review; Nice, simple

I’ll give a quick review for now but I’m very pleased with the application without using every function yet. Easy to add, subtract members, you can upload texts with images, you can like an image of you can’t respond at a given time. Can fit at least 20 people in a group. I can see I may run into trouble when it comes to the menu system, but if I’m wrong I’ll change this to 5 stars

Wi-Fi issues

Great app normally, but recently will not refresh chats when connected to Wi-Fi on iPhone X. Notifications come through but only appear when connected to cellular data.

Great app

Great app

Group me review

I love it! It is really convenient and I like how it shows read when other people read it.

Fix it.

I try to leave group chat and it crashes on me. Same thing is happening to my friend. Please fix it.

Needs work

Can’t delete a message sent or edit, anyone can kick anyone from a group so rlly no point in ownership, just so basic and slow at sending to mobile number. Can’t send or see photos without app


I cant open it.

Works Well

EDIT: I discovered this was due to the iOS character crash; a user had placed the faulty character in chat group causing the app to become inoperable. After removing the group from the desktop version and re-downloading the app it now works fine. GroupMe, I tried contacting you via HelpDesk, but you don’t seem to have any tech support info. I am currently running 5.15.1 on iOS 11.2.5, and am unable to access the app at all, as it crashes immediately upon opening. I have tried resetting my phone and re-downloading the app to no avail. I rely on GroupMe heavily for business, so please help as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Group me

There should be something to pop up to let you know there’s a message sent.

An “@ All option “

I wish that this app had an option to where instead of having to “@“ each person individually, you could choose to “@“ all whenever you have an important message. I love that you can pick and choose whom of which you “@“ one by one however, it becomes a pain whenever you have a mass message and you need to “@“ everyone!

get rid of notifications

Make it so we can turn. Notifications OFF. The noises and messages that interrupt everything. The thing with group messages is that there's a response every 10 seconds that doesn't pertain to you. No I don't want to pause them, I know you want everybody to open your app every 10 minutes or 24 hours to pause notifications to do it so you get more usage. MAKE it so we can turn the noise off I don't want to hear the notifications going off in class everyday and coming up I my status bar pausing whatever I'm doing on my phone.

Bugs need fixed!

I love this app and as a college student I use it often! However, here lately I continuously get a notification saying my message can not be delivered even at times I’m just reading messages and not sending any. I get glitches that say I have no connection and my messages won’t send for at least five minutes and that’s only after I try and try repeatedly. I rely on this app for many clubs and groups I am part of but am very disappointed in the performance lately. I have even stayed up to date with updates including a recent one that was supposed to rid the message not sent glitch, but sadly mine has just become worse. Really would like to see this fixed so I can enjoy the app once again!


Keeps force closing!!


It’s not facebook messenger

Servers = trash

It’s either your servers or your programming of the whole software in general. Or maybe both. But it’s trash. Has been glitchy for over 7 months, and as of late, basically past 3 almost four weeks it’s been like pulling nails to get messages to send, or get messages to load. Doesn’t matter what platform you run it on, be in on a computer, an android, or an iPhone .. it’s all the same. It’s trash. All five contacts I communicate with on a daily, ALL have the same issue. So it’s not my network, it’s yours. Check it, or lose out on my review and service


Love the app it’s a good service.

one MORE thing!

If you often need more than 10 people on one communication thread, this app is useful. Otherwise, it's more of a nuisance. Direct text is far faster.


You get a 1 Star because this app kept asking for a review when I said later

App lag

The app is lagging and not updating for several minutes.

Server Error

I have personally experienced server error problems with this app multiple times in the past 2 weeks. Myself and other people I work with who use this app are not happy about the server error problems as we use GroupMe to communicate amongst each other

Please fix

It will not allow me to add members to a group. It says it cannot connect to the network.

Stop asking me to review the app

Each time I open the app it asks me to review it. I select “not now” because I’ve barely used the app and haven’t gotten an opportunity to form an opinion on it, let alone give it a rating. Yet it continues to ask every time I open the app for me to rate it. Well here you go. The app is annoying because it won’t stop asking me to review it.

Georgia Xander’s team

It’s a great way to communicate in a group and with all the other parents it’s the best never miss a moment.

Half and Half

On its face, GroupMe is excellent. It offers a fantastic way to interact and congregate multiple elements of people for whatever common interest. Simple too, GroupMe does a great job at staying smart with posting, liking, and the gallery. BUT... what people do not realize is that all of those messages remain on your phone, taking up MB after MB. Eventually holding around 1+ GB of memory being one of the largest applications on your device. There’s no way around this. For that, 3 stars.


Pretty good mobile texting/communication app for pretty much anything you are a part of.

Okay group text

Works similarly to Messenger if you like that. The aesthetics are boring and there is no search ability. Doesn’t function for business messaging in a useful way. I prefer Slack for the ability to comment in threads, add multiple reactions to a comment, search function, and ability to interface easily with other apps.

Essential app

Great app


Is good


Chatting crashes way too much!!!!!!!

Awesome communication tool

I think this is an awesome tool to use without sharing your phone number with everyone & getting stuck in annoying group text


I am actually baffled by how awful this app is. It simply does not work when a chat is active. It fails to fill its most basic purpose. A user of a messaging app should be able to read messages as they are coming in, ESPECIALLY an app whose primary purpose is group chats. The app spazzes or jumps to random places in the chat or freezes altogether when other people are sending messages in the chat. When I try to type a message, my entire phone freezes and I can’t even see the message as I type it. I have to wait fifteen seconds to see it on my screen. This is definitely not a hardware problem as I have no issues like this using whatsapp or telegram. I really hope this review is seen and taken seriously because this app has some extreme problems with its most basic functionality; it’s essentially unusable way too often. Are you not using views to optimize performance and resource use??? I just don’t understand. Sooo frustrating please do something!!

Decent Group chat

I’ve been using this app for years. It’s been great so far, but lately it’s been having trouble keeping a connection. It’s on and off the whole time I use it. iPhone 6s, most recent update.

Needs update

Very buggy with current version. I use this app for multiple chats and really enjoy it. I hope the connectivity issues get addressed promptly.

Get it together

Love this app but its glitching alot please fix the glittes

Keeps saying “Not Connected. Tap to Retry”

I’ve been using this app for a year now and I’ve never had any issues until recently. Starting about a week ago I’ve noticed when the app is opened it consistently alerts me as a drop down banner within the app between “Not Connected. Tap to retry” and “Connected”. Back and forth back and forth. It does this on WiFi and on Cellular data. This needs to be fixed.

Great app. One suggestion though

I love this app. but the next update needs some work and new functionalities. Currently users can’t put pictures on calendar events on the iPad. It’s not just me I’ve checked. Also. I’d like to request that owners of a GroupMe are allowed to edit calendar events. In large groups the lack of this ability gets annoying when trying to update an event.

Only One Downfall

My friends and I love the app. We used to use mainly for our fantasy football league so all the guys could communicate. It’s brought us altogether as friends now. We use it constantly. The only downside is I can’t pin links. I can put stuff in the topic line but copying and pasting those links don’t always work and sometimes you can’t fit the whole link on there.


This app needs an update it’s laggy and I can’t even open group me after hard reset and all.

So bad.

This app is bad.


Groupme is having a lot of problems. Not sending the messages and I keep getting messages that the message does not send. Groupme does not even load most of the time. Please address this issue please

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