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Muito bom para formar grupos de amigos!!!! Gostei!!!


Utilizo o Aplicativo como uma ferramenta de Chat para com a equipe comercial da minha empresa. E neste caso o aplicativo é perfeito, pois tem suporte a multi plataforma e as mensagens são instantâneas. Realmente muito bom.

Muito ruim!

App não sincroniza com os seus contatos que já tem o app também. Na busca ele sempre trava. Péssimo!

Muito bom

Excelente ! Principalmente por poder marcar o amigo na conversa e dar gostei em qualquer assunto! Só poderia ter opção de tradução como no facebook ! Mesmo assim é o melhor do genero


Com a ultima atualização o app só recebe mensagem, não envia

Sehr bequemmes App

Das App ist super!

Bomb dot com

Group me review

Moved our group thread here recently and really like it Would love to see the feature added that allows you to “like”, “emphasize”, “dislike” individual posts by our members. Otherwise we love it.


Would have a 5 Star review if it had Apple Watch support. Will change to 5 once we get that. Thanks

Please do this

Please be able to customizes notifications. For example for poll groups the notification of when a poll is about to expire and when it actually expires is tedious and makes me want to delete the app. Please give us the ability to mute those

Sells your information

Read the fine print all your information is subjective to being exposed plus they take your information and then ban you so it's impossible to get help on it until you hire a attorney

Can't Delete

Drives me nuts I cannot delete conversations and old chats. Fix this and it's 5 stars.

Great app for communication.

I have been using app for a few years now. Love it. I recommend if you are looking for basic communication app.

Love the app, but would love more grouping options

I use this app daily for work.. it is a great tool to keep connected and not loose touch. I like that it doesn’t consume a great deal of my storage on my phone. It is also nice to have a long running record of the conversations that have been had. It allows for me to add and remove people as needed and not miss a beat in the conversation. The only thing I would LOVE to see is to be able to make master groups. I have over 30 chats going, and that is just for work... It would be great to make a group and then have subgroups. I have groups with each manager that I work with and then they also have groups with the shops that they work with (team chat groups) I always have to be very cautious to not send the message to the manager in the group for the team. It would just organize things every better.


When I go to see the members in a chat, if I swipe back the app completely freezes.

No thanks

No thanks

Same ol same ol

Kinda the same as texting.

It is good

The app is very good. Especially with my teammates for basketball

Jennifer, Bernice, La.

I enjoy the Group Me app because I get to communicate with a lot of my church friends and some of my family members no matter what we are doing throughout our day. Convenience.

Great App But....

I like almost everything about the app except the glitch in the calendar when attempting to establish a location for an event..

GR8 APP!!!

THIS APP IS AMAZING!! I use it for my basketball and my varsity baseball team that I coach and its always super fast and responsive when I need it! Group messaging is great too


It keeps giving me the same notifications and I am really annoyed




Why use this instead of group txt ? Latest version doesn’t open in landscape mode, shut it and restart it and it opens fine.

Solid App

I wish there were some additional features to make this more customizable. For instance a “like” option or “thumbs up” option for different comments that people leave or a way to customize the background or appearance of the message board itself. Otherwise this is a great way to communicate with a group of people. I use this for my baseball team and it’s a great way to know who is commenting on what without having to put all their information into my phone and everyone else’s phone. It clearly shows who is commenting or asking questions. It even allows me to send a direct message to one or two of the people inside the entire group without having to say certain things to everyone on the group chat. I also use this separately for my coaches so we can discuss things we need to work on in practice or cover before games. Overall I like the app and recommend it to other people.

Great app but no SEARCH

The ONLY complaint I have on this app is that I can’t search for certain topics within a group. We talk A LOT on here and all past conversations get lost because there is so much chatter.

Good for our family!

Great way for our family to stay in touch.

Love it

We use this for various groups in my department. It’s in real time so it makes it great. Only issue I have had is that whenever I want to “hide” a particular chat (on my iPhone 8+) the prompt comes up and when pressed, the screen darkens a little and basically freezes there. It actually happened to a coworker yesterday, and it happened to me just now. I had to uninstall the reinstall app. Is it something I’m doing wrong??


This app solved our iPhone/Android issue!

Love it! Couple new bugs

I love the app and use it all of the time! My only issues at the moment is that there are new bugs that came with the newest update. Mainly bugs that cause it to freeze. These are seen when clearing a dm history and then hitting the hide chat button in that same menu, swiping up on the text field to open the pictures area then closing it, and sometimes looking at the list of who is in the group. These are somewhat annoying, as you have to close the app fully to fix it. Otherwise, great!



Great working app!

This seems like an essential kind of social app these days. It’s been really fluid and worked quite well for everything I’ve used it for. Definitely happy and recommend. Thanks.


It’s been really slow despite the fact that I have good WiFi connection. I’m in a pretty big group so it makes it very difficult to communicate

Don’t love

It’s fine. My biggest gripe is that I haven’t found a way to search for things within the app. We share a lot of business info and it sucketh to have to scroll through hundreds of messages to find the one you’re looking for.


This app is an absolute DISASTER


I was creating a group text for about 200 women. My intention was to send them an initial text explaining what it was for and giving them the option to opt out. I also had every intention of making the settings work where only I received their responses instead of everybody seeing everyone else’s responses. Instead, as I added the names, the app apparently sent them all a group message and they were seeing each other’s responses and it was blowing up people’s texts and they were not happy. So now I’m not happy. Cannot recommend. I had never asked the app to send a message – it did it on its own.

Fantastic app with minor glitches

I use this app and love it. It allows me seamlessly manage groups for school projects with ease. Until I bought the iPhone X it was bug free. Now, when I try to link peoples names to notify them it’s gives “double vision” so I see each name twice and they are layered on top of each other.


Great app!! However I hate that is doesn't show the group name when you receive a notification on ios, however on Android this has always been a feature. Please add this if possible so I don't just get names of people from different groupmes. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoy using this to communicate with my groups such as fraternities, groups in school, and any other group I might possible have.

Keep connected

We are able to stay connected.


why can’t people just make regular text message group in the message app that comes with the phones? it take up storage and is totally pointless.

No iPad multitasking support??

The app seriously needs some split screen support to be even remotely useful as an iPad app

Ok app

There is one hing that I don’t like about it and that is that, that “bot” thing is always wanting to be added to your chat. Very very annoying!


Great app but would love to be able to sync the calendar with iPhone or google calendar. Five stars when this happens

Very great

This app is a very useful communication tool that allow for huge group chats and helps users overcome the phone differences between apple and android. The app is very easy to navigate and to use. However, conversations can never be deleted, only hidden from the phone screen. So users have to be aware of that.

Texting vs GroupMe

Group me is great. It helps our organization keep communication private. I would recommend this app to any club.


Great App


So easy to use and go back and check on a previous conversation. Love it

MacBook Compatability

Love this app! It’s easy to add members to and access quickly. The “like” feature has been incredibly helpful in communicating quick tallies. I use it so frequently that I would love to see a MacBook app added!! I can access my conversations from my browser, but would enjoy always keeping my conversations open and accessible through an app so that I don’t miss anything!

Group me

Nice app to have, especially for inner circle group communication.

Calendar photos

This photo upload doesn’t work any longer in calendar when you attempt to add one.

Calm down

Was asked to rate the app 4 times in under a minute. 1 star for you ya naggy wench.

Needs a fix

App is good for group texting however when entering a contact with more than 1 phone number you have a pop up to choose the number. When you do it immediately closes the app. You need to go to your contacts and copy the number your using, open the app and paste it. This is after syncing your contacts. Very foolish glitch. Otherwise a decent app

Great way to communicate!


Connecting privately

Great app! Any number of people are in one link. Our ladies bible study connect daily and I pray after reading prayer request. We have grown so close. Also our family shares a family connection. I highly recommend it, if you need prayers, support and help for one another! God Bless all!🙏🙏🙏

Keeps crashing on calendar

This app was perfect for mass group chat until recently. When adding an event to the calendar it crashes the app when trying to add the location, it won’t allow photo upload for the calendar event either. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Great flamingos

Liven the strange

Great app...but needs improvement

I use this app in order to communicate throughout my boys football Org. It is a great way to pass information and to share pictures. However, I must say it is extremely difficult to share multiple photos. You have to seen only one at a time and when doing so the recipients notification are continuously going off becoming annoying. It be great if there was a feature to allow the individuals to select multiple photos at one time to share. Also, I would like to see a added feature allowing you to delete old messages not just archive or clear conversation. Other than that it is a great app! Thank you

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