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Buging too much on the iPad Air 2! Can you do something please?

Very good App


It does not work

Não funciona, pelo menos no Brasil com a Vivo. O PIN nunca chega. It does not work, at least in Brazil with vivo cell phone carrier. The PIN never arrives. I tried multiple times with no luck.


Really nice interface


The best! When is available for Apple Watch?

Well done!



This app is much more better as whatsapp

formerly a good application

crashes all the time at 4S/iOS7 :-( have to switch to hangouts or whatsapp

Lot of Bugs, Good Chat

Dear GroupMe team, nice to see how good your project is working. It is definitely the best choice, if you want to start a group chat with many participants. The space of 50 people is good but could be better if you increase the space. The avaibility with more than one end devices is the best option, which makes GroupMe for one of the best group-chatting apps out there (if you do not want to publish your phone number to strangers). As mentioned: Increase the space of total members. Optional: Integrate a system with an administrator and moderators to distribute chat-rights for a better management of the chat. If you could put this improvements on your list for the next update, this would make me not to look for an alternative chatting app. GroupMe is definitely a great choice but it needs fixes like I mentioned before

Rating placeholder

A lot of (UI) bugs currently Send-message-placeholder Generic-search-label Search-location-placeholder Profile-label Archive-label Wow I can see a lot of implementation details of your UI! I am using iOS 8 in German on the iPad Air.

Nice but...

Constantly being prompted for a review is irritating


As good as it get for having a work/group chat. Very easy to set up and have never had a bug issue. Would recommend.

Great app esp for business

I have no issues with this app. A great one to use communicating with my team in the business across Canada.


Keeps my fraternity well-connected while it lets us have fun with it too

Great Group Discussion App

Really like the functionality of this app. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to have group discussions.

Great app for group texting!

Our family has used this app for several years to keep in touch by posting text, photos and video. Has been very useful for our ham radio and church groups as well. Ability to post photos and locations makes it particularly useful in emergency response situations!

Group me or GM excellent

Using group me for three years. Best chat app around. And they care about your usage

Great app!

Super easy to use and works great!


Love the SMS function!

Always improving

From making it more smooth, to adding video and so much more update after update, Im loving it!

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