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good, but let us save videos/pictures again!!!

need to put the feature back to save videos/photos plz!! asap

Messed up all my messages

I downloaded the app to see emojis and pictures in group messages, but deleted it because I didnt like messages going into two different mailboxes. After I deleted GroupMe, I never got group messages in my regular inbox again. And, now that Ive downloaded it again, it randomly doesnt send me messages, or has strange errors like showing me notifications with the text of a message, and the message not appearing in my inbox for 10 minutes or longer. My recommendation is to never downloaded this app.

Such a fun app! Needs better emojis

The app is really easy and fast to use however the emojis are pretty cheesy and lame.

Great app

This app is such a lifesaver when it comes to group activities. However, the app has recently not allowed me to add certain people that I have in my contacts and that I have been in the same groups with. Five stars if you could fix that.


Im receiving Messages from certain groups, but once I click On the group, it says no messages. Does anyone know why? Others are having the same issue within the group that Have iPhones

Awesome app but still needs a fix

Just loaded the recent update and I still have to back out of the chat and go back in to see new messages on the feed. It will say I have 4 new messages and they wont be there unless I reload the chat....please fix

Please update

This app is awesome!! It would be even more awesome if it was updated with a parental control setting for the searchable images. Please do this and I will give a 5 star rating!

Voice recording

The only thing I wish this app had was voice recording other than that its a legit app

What Happened?

I love this app!! I depend on it to communicate between friends, clubs and other groups with ease. Something has happened and my app will not load with the new update.

Useful app

I like the app a lot, but the icon for adding pics an other media could be clearer.


Can you fix whatever bug is not allowing me to see all the pictures shared within a group? This problem has persisted for quite sometime now.


It really good and I like it

Its good

The app works well for what it is designed to do.

Update made app virtually unusable

Chats randomly switch when typing and text randomly clears when typing.

Convenient but filled with bugs

The app crashes so often mid use. There should also be a way to catalogue links posted.


Please fix the app from crashing. When attempting to post a photo or a gif with a caption or message it will crash every time.

Group Me

This app work great

Good tool

I would give higher stars if notifications identified the actual group, not just that it came from GroupMe. Sometimes it lags and freezes.


Our team loves this app! It keeps us all on the same page and prevents downtime. Its all good from our perspective

Much awaited update

Finally back to were you can open and close a picture and return to the same spot in the chat that you started. Pictures also open faster. Two opportunities for improvement are 1) iPad gallery display is limited in size. Not possible to open to full screen. 2) Not able to change group picture on iPad. Both of these work as expected on iPhone.

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